Do You Have the Courage to Quit Your Job?

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Written By Colin Graves

At long last, when your side hustle matches or eclipses your 9-5 income, you will be forced to answer the following question:

Do I have the courage to follow through and quit my job?

At the very moment that you are financially able to make the leap, you will have misgivings. You’ll begin to second-guess yourself.

You’ll feel all of the fear.

The fear of failure.

The fear of looking foolish if it doesn’t work out.

I know because I faced this exact situation.


If you’re struggling to pull the trigger on your 9-5, you need to answer this question:

What’s the absolute worst thing that can happen if I quit my job?”

In most cases, the “worst thing” is that your business doesn’t work out, and you have to go back to your old job a year later.

In other words, back to your current situation.

And if you’ve put 10 or 20 years into your career and haven’t burnt your bridges, you will be able to go back. Almost all companies will re-hire past employees at least once if they leave on good terms.

If you can survive this “worst-case scenario” then you can find the courage to quit your job.

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