A Takeaway from FinCon 2023

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Written By Colin Graves

A few weeks ago, I was in New Orleans attending FinCon, a conference for personal finance content creators – bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, TikTokers, you name it.

FinCon isn’t like most conferences. In many ways, it feels like you’re at a family reunion. I spent five days catching up with friends, many of whom are clients – hanging out in the hotel lobby or at restaurants in the French Quarter. I also made some new friends.

Being at FinCon underscored something…

The value of community.

Relationships are everything if you’re trying to build any online business, whether freelancing, coaching, creating products, or affiliate marketing.

I discuss this in Step 3 of my Roadmap to Escaping the 9-5, the idea that you need to get around like-minded people who are on the same journey as you (finding your tribe!).

I’m a fairly outgoing person, but it took me a couple of years to figure this out. My business didn’t take off until I stopped focusing on making money and started building friendships and looking for ways to help people.

The good news is you don’t have to attend conferences like FinCon to “find your tribe.” Engage with people on social media (Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), join a mastermind group or a local meetup, or send someone an encouraging email.

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