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What happened?  November started so well.  Week one, I took time off.  My wife and I went away to a cabin in the woods for a couple of days, which was transformed into a winter wonderland with the season’s first snowfall.  It was magical.  Returning home, I had the most productive of weeks.  I played full time blogger, released three posts, and made progress on my digital marketing side hustle.  Not to mention how good it was to be home when the kids walked in the door from school every day.  In every way, the time off was wonderful.

The remainder of November? Not so much.

My first day back at work lasted 12 hours, and I was quickly reminded of the overwhelming responsibility of my 9-5 9-9?.  Truthfully, the hours aren’t often that long, but the mental exhaustion at times can tend to drain capacity from other areas of my life.  I enjoy many things about my job, that’s not one of them. : )

It may have been my way of coping with the intensity of work, but I became pretty sluggish for the remainder of the month.  I ignored a few of to-do items around the house, I didn’t exercise at all, and I resorted to watching far too many Hallmark Christmas Specials (cringe).  The acting is terrible, plots are non-existent, but do they ever smother on the holiday charm.

In short, I’m not proud of my three weeks of absolute laziness, but I’m also not going to dwell on it.
It’s true, everyone needs a break from time to time, even though I went a bit overboard in that department.


For the month of December, I’ve decided to fall back into routine by sharing some shorter posts, more frequently.  Thankfully, while I was lazing around, I didn’t completely shut my brain off. I’ve been documenting thoughts, brainstorming ideas, some of which I will flesh out.  I do want to spend some time on the topic of the ‘9-5’, and delve more into my own story.  I write a lot about side hustles, and the importance of creating additional sources of income as a means to build financial freedom.  But I haven’t shared why it’s so important to me personally.

One of my goals this month is to overhaul the “About Us” page of this website, to make it more reflective of my family’s current journey.  I want to share with you some of the hopes and dreams my wife and I have for the next 5-10 years.  Our story.   The existing bio was written when I started this blog, and while factual, it feels very generic when I re-read it today.

I’ll be writing on a range of topics, things like ‘connecting the dots’ (stay tuned), morning routine, a conversation I had with a down-and-out gentleman the other day (maybe), and some of my thoughts on fear, more specifically the importance of staying very close to your fears.

That’s all I have for today (I guess this is the first of my ‘bite-sized’ posts). : )

PS.  I want to thank all of you, my readers, for being a part of this community!  Your emails, comments and encouraging words are what keeps me writing. I’m so looking forward to 2018, and connecting with you further.  Also, If you aren’t already, remember to follow along on Instagram and Twitter!  I’ll see you there!

With love,


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