Here’s What’s Driving Elon Musk Crazy

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Written By Colin Graves

According to a survey by Resume Builder, 90% of companies will return to the office by 2024.

Here are some other findings:

  • Most employers track or will keep track of employees to ensure in-person attendance.
  • 28% will threaten to fire employers who don’t comply.
  • Only 2% say they will never require employees to return to the office.

It wasn’t that long ago the same companies were patting themselves on the back for how quickly they adapted to a work-from-home model when the pandemic hit.

CEOs and CFOs went on and on about embracing the new reality; They called it the future of work. They weren’t only surviving; they were thriving.

They were all in on remote work…until they weren’t.

If creative thinkers and innovators like Malcolm Gladwell and Elon Musk can resent remote work and dismiss those who want a little more work-life balance, there’s not much hope for your average CEO.

Heck, the former built his career working on his laptop in New York City coffee shops and cafes.

Did any company benefit more from the shift to remote work than Zoom? Yep, they’re forcing employees back to the office, too.


Do you know what’s driving CEOs and middle managers crazy about remote workers?

Sure, they wax eloquent about collaboration and teamwork that can only exist in an office environment, but it’s just platitudes.

Vacant office space is a valid concern for some companies, but is the problem insurmountable?

What really bothers them is the loss of control over their employees. If they can’t see you, they can’t micromanage you.

How does a bad middle manager justify their existence if they can’t fill your day with pointless meetings and huddles?

Here’s what I’m not suggesting—that every employee work from home or that all workers even want to. Many people prefer to leave their houses in the morning and go to work.

And we need people to work in factories, retail stores, restaurants, trades, and offices.

But that doesn’t mean it has to be you.

– Colin

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